Your course was great, and a good value. I was especially impressed with the quality of your "on-the-road" instructors. They were quite positive with their comments, and really helped my daughter with many of the detailed skills of driving. Again, congratulations on running such a great course, and thanks! — Cherokee County Resident

I am now in possession of my son's Certificate of Completion for Driver's Ed and Defensive Driving! You all obviously run a great office with an awesome staff of associates! As VP & Chief People Officer of DS Waters (Crystal Springs Water in this market), I am reminded everyday how the phrase "thank you" is rarely used and all too often forgotten – so to your team...Thanks so much!

Our son has now completed his driver's ed through your program. We wanted to take a minute to let you know how wonderful his driving instructor was. Our instructor was informative and friendly from the moment we met in the parking lot. They were encouraging and respectful to our son. Thank you for providing wonderful people to make sure the teenagers in our area are well instructed.

There is no doubt that my son, although still inexperienced, is considerably more equipped to operate a vehicle. I only wish that more students were exposed to attend defensive driving of this type. Knowing (and experiencing) the limits of your vehicle should not first be experienced the split second before an accident - this class let my son see and understand what his car can and cannot do under emergency driving conditions. Thank you so very much!

Our instructor went above and beyond their requirements. They demonstrated true care, concern, and a sense of responsibility for preparing my children safely for the road. They were always prompt, courteous, personable and put nervous student drivers at ease as they made sure they were proficient in the required skills. We were very impressed!

I want to express how completely satisfied we are with our daughter's experience with drivers ed. Her classes took place during both ice & snow storms and although an inconvenience, they were so prompt in responses and advising us of cancellations. Thoroughly pleased and happy to report my daughter finished drivers ed and received her driver's license. She felt prepared and confident in her driving capabilities. Thank you!

My daughter had reservations about taking an 8 hour class for 4 Saturdays. After the first class, she looked forward to going. She said that she learned a lot and it made her feel more comfortable wanting to learn to drive. Speaking of driving, she is 16 and had never been on the road before...and had absolutely no interest. My daughter was assigned to a WONDERFUL instructor, and it was the best experience. From my very first conversation...to my daughter's last driving class - it was a pleasure. They were patient and kind, and my daughter (and myself) really enjoyed it. The 30 hour class and the driving lessons were the best things I could have done for my daughter to help her feel confident. Thank you very much!

Driving Course

Georgia Click It or Ticket ProgramAll employees of Marietta City Schools shall abide by and enforce the Georgia Seat Belt Law O.C.G.A. 40-8-76.1 when conducting any school business that requires driving a motor vehicle.