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As a society, we have become more and more lax in our driving habits. We push the yellow light. We run red lights on a regular basis. We roll though stop signs and don't seem to understand the concept of yielding to oncoming traffic. Road rage has become an everyday occurrence.

As a result of this alarming epidemic, our nation has suffered a dramatic increase in teen driving tragedies. The Marietta-Cobb Driver's Education Program pulled together representatives from youth groups, schools, the court system, public safety departments and the Office of the Governor to work on a solution to this problem with the single goal of saving teen lives. The result of this collaborative effort was the production of two nationally acclaimed teen driving videos.

These two videos have been provided, at no cost, to every public high school in Georgia and they are now being distributed nationally. The awards they have won to date include:

  • The Aegis Award Winner
  • Cindy Award - Silver
  • Telly Award - Bronze
  • AiME Award - Gold
  • Georgia Media Fest - Gold
  • Aurora Award - Gold


Sticker Shock - The Real Cost of Teen Driving targets parents of teens and emphasizes their responsibility in selecting an appropriate vehicle, supervising new drivers, setting limits for teen drivers and understanding their liability in sending a teen on a mission for the family. The film outlines the Family Purpose Doctrine as explained by a team of professionals.

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Dying To Get There - The Real Cost of Reckless Driving targets teens and emphasizes their responsibility to their passengers and to other drivers. The film takes a hard look at the dangers of excessive speed and reckless driving as the top killers of teen drivers on our roads today. The tragedy of loss is examined using actual examples and testimonials.

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