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GA Dept. of Driver Services
GA Dept. of Driver Services - Teen Drivers

New Tutorial Videos
Click here to see new video tutorials We have new video tutorials for Parallel Parking, Turnabouts and Entering/Exiting the Freeway!

Parent Guidelines For Implementing A Parent-Teen Car Use Agreement
View PDF (35KB)
Common sense expectations to reduce misunderstandings and make life easier around the house for you and your student driver.

Driving In The Car With My Teenager
View PDF (34KB)
Practical tips and advice for driving with your student driver.

"Dying to Get There" The Real Cost of Reckless Driving
View Video Information
View Teacher Manual (13MB PDF)
Teacher's guidelines for video.

"Dying to Get There" The Real Cost of Reckless Driving
View Video Information
View Student Manual (18MB PDF)
Student resource for video.

"Sticker Shock!" The Real Cost of Teen Driving
Video Information
View Parent Manual (7MB PDF)
Parent guidelines for video.

Cobb County PTA Driver's Education Handbook
View PDF (95KB PDF)
Helpful guidelines for teaching your teenager be a safe and reliable driver.

Accident Avoidance Workshops
Accident Avoidance Workshops



What you need to to know to get your first driver's license

Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Making a Difference for More that 20 years

Cobb Underage Drinking Task Force

Saving Teen Lives

In order to better equip you and your teen, we are providing the following information, resources, stats, and instruction.

We will continue to add helpful hints and teaching tools for the safety of our teenage drivers.

If you have information to share, contact us:

Driver's Education Specialist
Jennifer Marletta
770-429-3170 Ext. 3302
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