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Marietta Community School
Music and Arts Classes

Music & Arts

Explore your creative side, learn a new dance or express yourself through a painted picture, photography, or new musical talents.

Career Development & Technology Classes

Career Development & Technology

Boost your resume with classes to help you with a new career or enhance the one you have!

Languages & Personal Enhancement  Classes

Languages & Personal Enhancement

Master a new language to visit new locations or take a class to enhance or improve your life.

Home & Leisure Classes

Home & Leisure

Get instruction on how to improve or repair your home and surroundings, how to play bridge, cook with flair or create one-of-a-kind crafts!

Sports, Fitness & Recreation Classes

Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Master playing golf or tennis, get in shape, or relieve stress with yoga classes.

Classes Just for Youth & Teens

Just for Youth & Teens

Bored Children at home? Find the right class to keep them busy and enlightened!

Online Courses

Online Courses

Learn from home. Take a look at our many online courses through ed2go for only $129!

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are available through ed2go – fees vary.