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Career Development and Technology
Advanced Fashion Illustration
Attention Fashion lovers and artists, in this Advanced Fashion Illustration class the focus will be on learning complex fashion illustrations (Croqui) in terms of perspective! A detailed study on the dressing of the fashion figure and rendering complicated textures will be worked on. A study of headgear will be incorporated for more complete look. Students need to bring the following supplies: Canson Marker book, pencils, eraser, tracing paper and ruler. Marker colors will be specified during the class. Prerequisite: Fashion Illustration Beginners course or some artistic skills. If Fashion is your passion come and learn more with us!
COURSE #: F17195FEE: $ 95
Instructor: Ruchika AroraLocation: 368 Wright Street Marietta, GA 30064
6:00 - 8:00pm (Oct 10-Oct 24) (3 Tues) 18+
Chald and Babysitting Safety
Join us for a fun filled adventure into the world of Babysitting. We will learn about setting up your business, including how much you should get paid. Learn about safety for yourself and the children you care for. We will also work on your magic bag of crafts, books and other essentials you should bring. We will address what information you will need to have about the children, emergency numbers and contacts. We will do lots of hands on activities: diaper changing, baby feeding, bath time, bed time and so much more.
COURSE #: F17198FEE: $ 79
Instructor: Maria LiberLocation: 368 Wright Street Marietta, GA 30064
6-9pm (Oct 5-Oct 19) (3 Thurs)
13+ Certified by the American Safety and Health Institute and the Child Development Association.
Intro to Computers and Beyond!
This class is for the new computer user who needs to know the basic functions of computing. We will cover all the basic functions, such as copy, cut, paste. Locate applications loaded on the computer, printing, typing a quick note, email and the art of using the internet. Once we've mastered that, we'll move onto search engines what they are and how to find information. Discuss how to pay bills on line etc. and install software and many other useful tips for the new user. Again, this class is designed for the brand new user, so our pace will be following suit! Great class with limited spots so please register early!!
COURSE #: F17203FEE: $ 119
Instructor: Barbara RushingLocation: 368 Wright Street Marietta, GA 30064
6:30pm-8:30pm (Sep 12-Oct 12) (6 Classes) Sept. 12, 14, 19, 21, Oct.10 & 12 18+
Advanced Digital Photography!
Advanced Digital Photography Skills! How to advanced your Digital Photography skills, learn how to think about each shot/photo! This class will explore different photography techniques. How to set up photography shots and execute them. There will be weekly photography labs. This class will have outside adventures around Marietta, and is interactive and hands on! Prerequisite: Knowledge of your camera, and features.
COURSE #: F17208FEE: $ 119
Instructor: Julia FlattesLocation: 368 Wright Street Marietta, GA 30064
6:00-8:00pm (Sep 14-Nov 2) (7 Thurs) Skipping 9/28 Adults
Microsoft Excel 101
Ideal for new user that wants to become well versed in Excel. Topics covered include entering and editing entries, selecting cells and ranges, creating and modifying basic formulas, formatting cell contents, printing worksheets; inserting and deleting columns, rows, and cells; charts; and much more. Computers are provided. Enroll today to begin your Excel learning!
COURSE #: F17215FEE: $ 99
Instructor: Jessi FawleyLocation: 368 Wright Street Marietta, GA 30064
7:30-8:30pm (Sep 12-Oct 24) ( Tues) Skipping 9/26 Adults
Fashion Illustration for Beginners
Do you love fashion or want to create your own fashion line? This course is for the student who is interested in learning fashion illustration as a hobby or wants to pursue a career as a fashion illustrator/designer. An understanding of the accurate proportions of the human body is vital for producing convincing fashion illustrations and garment designs. This course has been designed to simplify the process of studying fashion proportions so that you can learn how to draw, develop and interpret the fashion figure through your own style and direction. A fashion illustrator reveals how to experiment effectively with colors, art materials and artistic style to produce a design. Be it a fashion illustrator or designer, the most important skill to master is drawing the human figure and garment silhouettes. Students need to bring the following supplies: Canson Marker book, pencils, eraser, tracing paper and ruler.Marker colors will be specified during the class.
COURSE #: F17222FEE: $ 95
Instructor: Ruchika AroraLocation: 368 Wright Street Marietta, GA 30064
6:00pm-8:00pm (Sep 12-Oct 3) (3 Tues) Skipping 9/26 16+
Introduction to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel!
This course will give you working knowledge of Microsoft Word - how to create letters, memos and basic desktop publishing. Great introduction of PowerPoint and how to put a presentation together from scratch. Last a introduction to Microsoft Excel, basic spreadsheets, expense reports and simple formulas. The instructor has years of experience and makes the class very enjoyable! Come and learn today!
Limited spots available so please register soon!!!
COURSE #: F17236FEE: $ 119
Instructor: Barbara RushingLocation: 368 Wright Street Marietta, GA 30064
6:30pm-8:30pm (Oct 17-Nov 2) (6 Classes) Oct.17, 19, 24, 26, 31, Nov. 2 18+
Reach - Then Teach (Building Stronger Relationships with Students)
Effective parents and teachers use discernment and self-awareness to "reach" students, which then allows them to effectively "teach" students. This class will demonstrate concrete strategies that help parents and teachers build stronger relationships with students that use simple, inexpensive, engaging "gameshows" and projects.
COURSE #: F17271FEE: $ 129
Instructor: Derrick BrownLocation: 368 Wright Street Marietta, GA 30064
6 pm - 8 pm (Sep 12-Oct 24) (6 Tues) Skipping 9/26 18+
From Blank Page to Published
Step-by-step process on how to go from blank page to self-published in 6 months. Or, if you're like me, maybe a few months more. Hi, I'm Dana Ellington, owner and principal author with Nowata Press Publishing and Consulting. Join me as I partner with Marietta Community School to offer my 6 week coaching package (normally $300), to new writers. This program is great for writers of any genre, ages 16 and up. Learn all the tools I've used to successfully produce and publish my own work since 2008. Join us for the tips, tricks, and tools you'll need to write, edit, and publish a full-length novel by the end of this year.

COURSE #: F17284FEE: $ 99
Instructor: Dana MylesLocation: 368 Wright Street Marietta, GA 30064
7pm - 8pm (Sep 12-Oct 31) (7 Tues) Skipping the week of September 25-29 16+