Summer Camp

The mission of the Summer Camp Program is to provide a safe, fun environment for children to participate independently in leisure and recreational activities. These optional programs are a privilege for children who:

  • follow directions in a group setting
  • respond appropriately to adult supervision in a group setting; and
  • perform basic self-help behaviors such as toileting and feeding independently

Note: groups will approximate an adult/child ratio of 1:24

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This year, Marietta summer camp will be at Marietta Sixth Grade Academy, 340 Aviation Rd. and is open to children ages 4-14. This location allows our camp – larger space – newer facility – better gym – two playgrounds – and easier access to I-75 for parents.

Camp opens one week after school ends and closes two weeks before school begins: Marietta City Schools Calendar. The hours are 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. each day. Extended camp is offered and located at 368 Wright Street. Information and dates will be on the email confirmation that is sent when you register for camp.

LATE REGISTRATION If you are registering your child after camp begins there will be a 3 day delay in the child attending camp. Parents will need to go by camp at 340 Aviation Road to pick up the student packet before the child can begin. This packet has important information about field trips, camp policy, field trip permission slips, pick up cards and health forms. All paperwork has to be in place before the child is allowed to attend camp.


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Camp 'Us Adventures makes full use of Marietta Sixth Grade Academy campus.

Campers are assigned to groups by age and the trips/activities are age appropriate. Marietta City Schools' buses and drivers provide transportation for all field trips.

Activitiy calendars are given to parents and are followed as closely as possible and very seldom are changes made unless weather dictates.